Best in Class Programme

find & copy from the best in your class

You can see an exemplar business or individual and they are just where you want to be. Can you just copy them?

The answer is a resounding yes!  But you need to copy the right things.  You need to copy with science and intelligence, you need a process, and you need to make sure you are emulating the right company.

Looking at the financials of your Best in Class is merely a qualifier.  Their financial outcomes are THE GOOD THINGS THAT HAPPEN because they DO GOOD THINGS.  You must understand the GOOD THINGS THEY ARE DOING….

And that means studying what they do in a systematic way.

Download The best in class programme

Download The Predator programme

This 8-page PDF will show you how to find and identify a company that is truly the best in your marketplace, and then gives you a programme of six key metrics to evaluate them against.

Three distinct programmes for growth - no matter where you are starting from

Not all companies are ready for the Excellence Test straight away.  You may first want to learn from the best companies in your marketplace, or identify the slow-moving mature businesses that you think you can disrupt and take a bite out of .

take a bite out of the biggest in your market

Do good things & good things will happen

find & copy from the best in your class