The first steps on your journey to remarkable results and transformation.

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Completing the Excellence Test will require a day of your management team’s time. There is a cost of £6,000 and the session will inevitably result in recommendations that also require investment. You should mentally prepare for investing over six months before you see a positive cash flow from the project.

The Process

The execution of the Excellence Test is a tried and tested format: the participants are always the Excellence Test experts and researchers, coupled with key leaders from your business.

Phase 1

Short sharp research on the market and your financials.  In this we are looking to evaluate the reality compared with your perception or historical knowledge. 

Phase 2

A few hours of anecdotal fact-finding.  This is a structured discussion forum where we not only find out more about your business but also learn about the people within your business – the crucial ingredient.

Phase 3

Four hours of Excellence Test completion.  The whole team works with the Test to create the baseline point.

Phase 4

The creation of a plan.  Where to develop your business for the greatest impact; who to imitate; which best practice to mirror; how to adapt for your individual circumstances.

Phase 5

The completion and strategic deployment goals, and what to do next.


Please note: we only carry out two Excellence Sessions per month, and a date is not reserved until a 50% deposit has been received.