Case Study


Excellence Test Score 5/26

Phenomenal subscriber growth and retention.

Providing a technology-based alternative to traditional financial advisors

Betterment is part of a growing number of investment start-ups that believe they can provide a technology-based alternative to traditional wealth advisors.  They believe that technology can bring together data and analysis with transaction software that can replace human personal wealth advisors – making their traditional ‘cut’ a thing of the past.

Jon Stein, an engineer who majored in economics at Harvard, started the company in 2008 in New York City.  Far from targeting just advisors though he says: “We’d like to put target date funds, annuities and mutual funds out of business.  There’s no good reason for them to exist anymore.”

The company is on track to reach invested funds of $100 billion by 2020.  Yes – from zero to $100 billion in 12 years!  This isn’t taking on established ways of doing things – its obliterating them!

What can manufacturers learn from high-growth industries?

The contents of the Excellence Test have been distilled from extensive study of more than 50 high-growth companies from both within and without the manufacturing industry.  High growth often comes from the tech industry, but you don’t need to be online or work out of swanky offices – many of the core fundamentals born from these industries can be applied to manufacturing and industrial companies: