Predator Programme

take a bite out of the biggest in your market

Find the established company in your market that you can attack where they can't defend

A title like Predator Programme could suggest the topic of surgical drone strikes in the theatre of war. Instead, this is a reality that should give every entrepreneur or small business owner the certainty of success – should you choose to take it.  The successful businesses of the future will fall into two groups:

1. Huge global corporations capable of moving entire economies and changing sectors in pursuit of growth.

2. Small, innovative, flexible companies, aggressively pursuing growth fuelled by the ambition of engaged leaders.

Those stuck in the middle provide the fuel and the fat on which both groups feed: the prey.

Download The Predator programme

Download The Predator programme

This 8-page PDF will show you how to identify the prey in your marketplace and how to take a bite out of them by attacking their spares market, taking on their highest-margin products and disrupting the route to market.

Three distinct programmes for growth - no matter where you are starting from

Not all companies are ready for the Excellence Test straight away.  You may first want to learn from the best companies in your marketplace, or identify the slow-moving mature businesses that you think you can disrupt and take a bite out of .

take a bite out of the biggest in your market

Do good things & good things will happen

find & copy from the best in your class