Do good things & good things will happen

What does GOOD look like for your business?

20% annual sales growth is GOOD for a mature business.  Doubling sales annually for the first five years is GOOD for an early-years business.  Profit of 15% over sales is GOOD.  Profit per employee of £100K is GOOD.  Growth that generates cash from day 1 is GOOD.

Average is not GOOD.  Surviving or getting by is not GOOD.

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The test is constructed to help leaders see the gaps in their approach and support them to develop positive moves forward. You can download the 12-page programme PDF to learn more:

We have studied, researched, worked in and worked on over 50 high growth companies over a decade

We have laboured to understand precisely the GOOD THINGS THEY DO that go on to MAKE GOOD THINGS HAPPEN.
If you do this for long enough then you see the commonalities between the high growth exemplars we seek to copy.  You also see how the best companies develop these solid foundations into real weapons to ensure that they win in the market place.

Combine this intimate knowledge with a passion for strategic deployment and the positive outcomes become obvious.

The content

The Excellence Test is a full-day review session held with your management team. Before we implement the test we will have already carried out initial research into your business, your aspirations for growth and your marketplace. It WILL challenge you; it MAY completely change your view of what business you are in.

The test moves across six categories and 26 specific fundamental foundation blocks. No matter the type of business, product, or sector, we have yet to come across any business that already has all 26 of these fundamental foundation blocks. However, every business we have researched or worked with has the capability to move up the scale.

What growth characteristics does your company have in place?

We look first at growth characteristics: four powerful questions that are key to identifying whether your product or service will appeal to your target customer in its most basic form.

Review your businesses assets

In this context the eight questions do not consider physical assets such as buildings, machines and company cars. Instead, they identify and focus on the assets that are important to your customer.

Can your business influence others' behaviours?

The third area of the Excellence Test is the ability to influence behaviour: not only the behaviour of your target client, but also that of your partners, commentators and those who would spread the word.

Pricing for supply and demand

The most complex characteristic examined in conjunction with the Excellence Test is the nitty gritty of supply versus demand and how pricing is managed in conjunction with this matrix.

Has your company developed a buying environment?

The development of buying environments where previous or potential clients sell and influence others on your behalf is once more the nirvana of cost-free sales. Companies such as Apple and Burberry are experts in this, and what they do is obvious to the student.

Does your company generate recurring revenue?

Businesses with recurring revenue models work once and then earn forever. This is the route to super margins and a deadline-free environment. It has nothing to do with luck; it comes with design.

Have you got the right culture for high-growth?

To complete the set, we move on to the final area which some clients find the most esoteric part of the Excellence Test: a set of questions that examine the philosophy and the culture of your business.